Modeling, photography, the love for vintage stuff and a sense for art are my main assets.


Since 8 years all things vintage are part of my daily life.

The beautiful shapes, fabrics, details and qualities of these golden days influenced my work and enriched my modern life every day.


Embracing womanhood, living graceful and dressing with love for details is my way of life, enjoying the wonderful feeling that this vintage life gives me the best dressed look a woman can achieve nowadays.


If two words should describe my style it would be Elegance and Glamour.

Paired with my knowledge for 40s and 50s Hairstyles and Make Up i acquired by experience during the last years i create my wardrobe dedicated to old Hollywood Sirens and their gracefulness.


From replica to true vintage my collection of clothing, jewelry, shoes, hats, purses and other accessories grows each year and gives me the opportunity to be well dressed no matter if going out for an exclusive dinner or just a walk through my city, inhale history and search old places i feel relegated to my favorite era.


I attend this with self portraiture i do not only for myself and this blog but for brands i wear and love to review for you too.

That was the reason to create a possibility for other women to be photographed in this way too - The Elderwood Photography was born.


So my talents and passions merged to not only show you my way of dressing but letting you become part of it.


Enjoy and don't hesitate to contact me for questions, request, collaborations etc.

Yours, Ava